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Welcome to Secretly-Santa-2011

Before asking questions, please check the FAQ journal

:santa: Hello and Welcome to Secretly-Santa-2011 :santa:

There are no more slots on this Secret Santa, please refrain from asking to join.
On behalf of myself and Maddie-Pie We would like to thank firstly everyone who joined and submitted their gift; thank you ever so much, it means so much that people actually joined it~! Secondly to Hardrockangel For helping organize those without a present, whilst Maddie-Pie and I are really busy with exams, you have been a real life saver! :hug:
For more Thank yous please go to the Journal Page

We are a Secret Santa group that anyone can join all you have to do is;
:bulletgreen: Become a member of our group
:bulletred: Comment saying you want to participate!
We have had to introduce a Cut Off Point for Participators, it will be 150 (We have had to enforce this, due to a high command and it is becoming a lot of work for Maddie-Pie and I)

You have until October 30th to say you would like to participate!
The blog on the right will show the participants list, which will be updated regularly with new participants and their Wishlists ♥
Wishlist template can be found here; secretly-santa-2011.deviantart…
Who you draw for will be randomly assigned!

:santa: Rules :santa:

:bulletgreen: Most Importantly Don't tell the person you are giving your gift to who you are! This will spoil the fun of the Secret Santa if you do.
:bulletred: Once you have finished your gift send the group a note with the attatched picture so no one on the front page can see who your gift receiver is.
:bulletgreen: All gifts must be in by December 20th (We will then submit all your gifts to the group and people can browse the gifts. From December 20th-25th give your gift to your secret santa partner!)

:santa: What you can do for your Gift :santa:

:bulletred: It has to be a picture or icon (digital or traditional)
NO Writing, Photography, Cosplay, Plushies or Models
:bulletgreen: No mature content gifts
:bulletred: It has to follow what their Wishlist has stated

:santa: What happens once I've drawn it? :santa:

:bulletgreen: We've had this question asked a couple of times, so here is the answer!
:bulletred: Everyone is to upload their picture by December 20th.
:bulletgreen: Upload it to dA with the title Secretly-Santa-2011
:bulletred: Then send us a link to the picture in a note you must have done this before sending the link to your partner.
:bulletgreen: Then evey one will have the chance to browse the gifts by looking in the featured folder of the gallery.
:bulletred: We will eventually after December 25th update the Participants list with what their gift is, so if anyone does forget (please don't!) It will be there anyway.

For Full FAQ and Deadlines please visit; secretly-santa-2011.deviantart…
:santa: Don't forget to check out the newly updated About Us section and the participants lists! :santa:

Also there are no slots available for admin members.





This is the list we'll be working with to draw for those who haven't received anything yet.
And please: if you joined after the 30th of October, meaning after the closing date to sign-up, it's normal you haven't received a present since you're not a participant.

So please, to those who joined after the sign-up date: do not comment saying you haven't received a gift yet, since it's because you missed the sign-up date and thus aren't counted as a participant. OTL"

That being said: I already randomly paired up a couple of people who commented on the journal saying they'd be willing to draw for others.
I'll also be doing a couple of avatars and Madz69 and Bee-chii will be drawing chibis.

To find your name and who you're drawing for, use F3 to search the journal.
If needed, I can tell you in a comment or via note as well.

Animal list

:heart: Hardrockangel has made an avatar for zincuddlefish -…

Human List

:heart: Puccawitch has drawn for MissSim -…
Wonelle will draw for Pocky-Tan -…
:heart: Maddie-Pie has drawn for Hardrockangel -…
Pocky-Tan will draw for Little-Leilani -…
:heart: Maddie-Pie has drawn for iTeddeh -…

:heart: Elephants-on-Skates has drawn for MagicisLove - elephants-on-skates.deviantart…
:heart: Hardrockangel has done an avatar for Kimmymanga -
:heart: Tala-Grey Hhas drawn for slothkittens -
:heart: Bee-chii has drawn for julesiax -…
julesiax will draw for chibihitomi -…

:heart: chibihitomi has drawn for alittleofsomething -…
:heart: chibihitomi will draw has drawn for MiyuKyuu -…
:heart: Feyna has drawn for Princess-Leaf -…
:heart: MiyuKyuu has drawn for Wynter-San -…
Blood-Red-Blossom will be drawing for Shippa-chan -…

EvilBonBon will draw for pugglemuggle -…
:heart: Bee-chii has drawn for annabanana9198 -
:heart: MiyuKyuu has drawn for Elephants-on-Skates -…
annabanana9198 will draw for banachana -…
:heart: MiyuKyuu has drawn for ArtsyAndreaM -…

:heart: pugglemuggle has drawn for NekoGirl29 -…
Mirz123 will draw / pixel for AstridxDylan -…
NekoGirl29 will draw for ridiculous-rabbit - ridiculous-rabbit.deviantart.c…
AstridxDylan will draw for Munsutaa - maxridenarutozelda.deviantart.…
:heart: luigipony has drawn for sekaiichihappy -…

Alright, that should be all.
I know the Santa won't be really secret that way, but this is easier to keep track off and it sure beats sending notes out again. ^^;

Hardrockangel Bee-chii Maddie-Pie
More Journal Entries


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Wolflover1086 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
  Christmas Lights Divider by Kawiku Christmas Lights Divider by Kawiku
Check Out My Secret Santa Project
But hurry only limited amount of slots. 
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PrincessDara Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Student
Will the group make a 2012 secret santa?
Milcay1 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student General Artist
They won't be but if you'd like, you may join my Secret Santa of this year: #My-Secret-Santa-2012
BaconRainbow Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Elephants-on-Skates Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
I can't believe you guys successfully organized this Secret-Santa, it musta been hard and a lot of time put into it! Thanks for making Christmas more fun on Deviantart though, and have a Happy New Year!
MiyuKyuu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Student Photographer
to whoever is my secret santa please dont keep me waiting > u < (not pressuring thou)
i would like to thank beechan and madchan
for making this wonderful and fun event > u <
if u guys dont mind i would like to join for next year(if possible of course) ^^
PhotoTini Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I think this group was very well organized by *Madz67 && *Beehive67 , they have put in their own time and efforts in order to provide this for us.

I also think it is very kind of them to draw for those who have not received anything by January 1st. They could do nothing, but with kindness in their hearts, are determined to make sure that nobody is missed out!

Ps. Whoever is my Secret Santa, c: please don't keep me waiting! <3

A BIG CHEER FOR THESE TWO GIRLS!!! :iconmadz67: && :iconbeehive67: !!!!

This comment is to say thank you for what you've done.

Who's behind me?! (:

~ On behalf of myself && the other participants in this group! ~ xo

Elephants-on-Skates Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
Agreed! :D ^
Wynter-San Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So if I don't get a present, what do I do? *Is one of those people*
Princess-Leaf Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, you just have to send either :iconbeehive67: or :iconmadz67: a note, saying that you haven't gotten one yet.
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